Church for the rest of us

Are you feeling disconnected and lost in the crowd?  Do you wonder if God cares or if He even exists?  Do you need a place where you can belong and be loved?  You need Harvest, church for the rest of us.

Harvest Community Church is a welcoming community of Christians who are committed to loving God, loving People and living the Kingdom.  We are a gospel-centered community, an open and connected family and a place to belong.   We have a fantastic children’s program on Sundays and a welcoming small group ministry during the week.

Harvest is the church for the rest of us.

***Sunday Service 5/27/18 will be at Long Scraggy Mountain Ranch****

 Come enjoy a Sunday getaway with us as we celebrate Jesus in the mountains.  Service will start around 10ish.  Click the link below for directions



What Makes Us Unique?

We meet on Sundays at 11AM at 18511 E Hampden Ave. Suite 204, Aurora CO.  We are on the second floor next to the State Farm office.  For more information please click here to connect with us


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