Why do you go to church?

Why do you go to church?

Seems like a simple question with a myriad of possible answers but one that must be asked.  Why would you wake up on a perfectly good day off and spend an hour or so singing and listening and dozing off in the company of other people you may or may not like?

Noted and accomplished author Walter Brueggemann said in an interview on the 200 Churches podcast that he goes to church to hear the gospel.

Of all the things we might say as reasons to attend church weekly, this one take the prize.  We attend church weekly in order to hear the gospel, the good news that by the merits of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection we have been saved and made into the children of God.  The good news that in Christ we are being transformed into the image of Jesus and made new every day.  This good news is the weekly medicine that we need to counter the anti-gospel messages we are flooded with, whose aim is to steal life rather than give it.

We need to hear the good news of Jesus in our songs we sing, the prayers we pray and the sermon we preach or listen to.   We need it more than ever.  Come hear it.

Connect with Us

Harvest Community Church is a welcoming community of Christians who are connected with Jesus and each other,.  We live that out through our worship of God and serving people. We are a gospel-centered community that loves the God who guides us by His power into selfless service of everyone whom we are led to.

Sunday Worship is at 10:30 CPT (Christian People Time, AKA 10:45).  Come connect with us.


Outsider Point of View

This is Earth and the moon as seen through Saturn’s rings. It is a stunning photo which was recently taken by the Cassini spacecraft as it makes its final laps around the gas giant before it end its mission.  I love this photo because somewhere in the pale blue light are you and I us looking back.  Some astronomers take the opinion that this shows just how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.  If you carry the thinking out to its logical conclusion, life is relatively meaningless in light of scale of the universe and the tiny plot of land we exist in.

I tend to look at it from a different perspective.  It  occurred to me that we could not ponder the massive scale of the universe and the relative smallness of our planet without having an outsider perspective, something to beam back the photo.  In order to make the observations, we had to have something send us the data to make the conclusions. The Cassini spacecraft was made to send back the images to show us the mystery.  We could not know the magnitude of our own solar system without that outsider perspective.

You see that is how I look at Jesus.  We on our own could not fathom God or grasp His grace and love towards us on our own.  While our faulty observations could give us an idea, we could not begin to understand the enormity of God or observe what He is like.  Jesus gives us that outsider perspective.  He shows us what God is like.  God is like Jesus.  He takes the image of all who God is and beams it to us in the person of Christ.


What if I told you that on Sunday we had nearly 10 times more people than Scripture says it is necessary for Jesus to show up?   Is that success to you?

Here is what I have discovered in Scripture about what God considers success.

  1. The saving gospel is preached
  2. The gospel is experienced in the observance of the Lord’s supper.
  3. God is worshiped in Spirit and in Truth
  4. People give of their time, talent and treasure in service to God and His Church
  5. The people loved each other and welcomed the stranger

Yeah, we are “successful” in the eyes of God.