Even If…

I flew to Charlotte, NC this morning on a red-eye for my job.  Flying at the “wee-hours” is not something I am used to nor something I enjoy.  Usually when the clock strikes 10 I am a pumpkin.  Needless to say, I found myself walking down the jet-way, shortly after 1AM, feeling the cool of the night air and pondering the typical flying “what-ifs”.  What if the plane breaks apart after take off?  What if there is water landing…over Kansas?  What if I suddenly wake up from my cramped sleep to find myself plummeting to earth?

What if?

Do you live this way?

I was reminded yesterday, in the sermon my mentor gave at our church, that because Jesus was raised from the dead, I don’t have to live the “what-if” life.  Because He is risen (He is risen indeed), I can live the “Even if” life.

Even if the world around me explodes into a million pieces, Jesus conquered death and so will I.

Even if I find myself in a precarious and dangerous situation, I have hope in the one who faced the end of it all and was raised.  So shall I.

Even if I find that most days are ordinary and mundane, “What is sown perishable; what is raised is imperishable.”

Even if….