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We want to be on the lookout for you when you come.  Send us your contact information and Pastor Jake will follow up prior to Sunday.

Thanks much. We'll be in contact

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What to expect

  • Location:  16701 E Iliff Ave, Unit C, Aurora, CO 80013

    • We are in the Iliff Underground Co-Work building.  ​

    • Come through the doors and down the stairs.  We meet in the common kitchen area.

  • We are a friendly and casual bunch of Christians and our time together can resemble a family dinner.  We believe laughter is a gift from God.  We often share deep needs and we spend time praying for each other and coming alongside one another.​

    • Feel free to interact as you want to.  We won't call out visitors but we are a small congregation and we do see you.​

  • If you have young kids, (Pre-K and below)​, we have a staffed room with toys and activities for them during the service.  You are also welcome to keep your young-ones with you during our worship time.  

  • Follow this link to see the other frequently asked questions about our church and our time of worship

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