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Another Mass Shooting…

The US is on track for 1 mass shooting every day this year. Every day this year, people will be gunned down while going to school, eating their lunch or running an errand. It is a senseless evil,l and a grave tragedy but it is within our power to act.

Sometimes the way to love our neighbors is to be willing to give up something of ours that we hold "sacred" for their good. I think there are common sense and readily acceptable things that can be done to curb this preventable evil of mass shootings. I appeal to those in the halls of government, please love your neighbor as yourself and do something right, good and life giving.

Proverbs 1:20–22 (CSB): Wisdom calls out in the street;

she makes her voice heard in the public squares.

21 She cries out above the commotion;

she speaks at the entrance of the city gates:

22 “How long, inexperienced ones, will you love ignorance?

How long will you mockers enjoy mocking

and you fools hate knowledge?

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