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Amazing experience of togetherness

Updated: Jan 19

"When our souls are utterly swept through and overturned by God's love, we suddenly find ourselves enmeshed with some people in amazing bonds of love and nearness and togetherness of soul such as we never knew before. I'm glad amazement we ask ourselves: What is this startling new bondedness in love which if with those who are down in the same center of life? Can this amazing experience of togetherness in love be the love which bound together the early church and made their meals together into a sacrament of love? Is this internal impulse which i feel, to share life with those who are down in the same center of love, the reason that the early church members shared their outward goods as a symbol of the experienced internal sharing of the life and the love of Christ? Can this new bondedness in love be the meaning of being in the kingdom of God?"

Thomas Kelly, The Sanctuary of the Soul

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