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God is love, so it’s all about love

Updated: 3 days ago

Our Saturday Bible study gathering is reading through the book "Having the Mind of Christ" and is considering the 8 axioms the authors lay out. The first is "God is love so it's all about love." On the surface, that phrase seems a little squishy if we define love in terms of emotions or feelings alone. Love, as defined by the Scriptures, is far more amazing. Love is an expression and disposition of the will that places high value on the object of its care and seeks its best. There is a deep sense of care and self-giving and a desire for close communion.

God loves us and makes it possible for us to be in communion with him and with people and creation. The love of God is self-giving, self-revealing and wholly other towards us. If God is this way towards humanity, we are charged with reflecting that same love to our fellow humans. So God is love and so it's all about love.

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